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With My Locker Crack For Windows, any time someone tries to access your stored files or even the device that you store them in, you can be sure to get an alert. My Locker allows you to lock a file or folder in Windows, Mac or Linux, plus it creates a free, portable version of it available for your friends and coworkers to use as well. It’s perfect for: - Securing sensitive files. - Protecting your privacy. - Enabling remote access to files stored on your hard drive. - Hiding sensitive files and folders. - Safeguarding your Windows, Mac, or Linux data, which is important, since everyone may be able to see them. With My Locker, you will have a completely free tool that runs undetected and which will protect your sensitive files and folders from unauthorized access. Key features: - Protect any file, folder or device. - Lock files, folders, devices or drives on both Mac and Windows. - Use a remote access and securely maintain the files with an unlimited cloud storage service. - Hide files, folders, devices or drives from Windows and Mac. - Configure the time you want to keep your files locked or locked as long as you want. - Restrict users who can access your files. - Easily lock selected files and folders from a browser or from a directory. - My Locker creates a free, portable version of any locked file or folder for your friends and coworkers to use. - Empowers you to open a file or folder without typing its password. - Automatically unlock specific files and folders when you access them. - Easily keep an eye on what other users are doing on your computer. - Block access to files and folders by email or screen name. - My Locker does not create a file or folder and once locked does not leave a trace on the computer. - Easy and unique installation. - Automatic updates via the web. - Runs fast and doesn’t use any of the host’s resources. - Simple interface. - Works on Mac, Linux and Windows. - Configures the exact method of accessing files by email or screen name. - Does not leave traces on the computer, as it doesn’t create a file or folder. - Provides on-access unlock. - Automatically unlocks files and folders. - Can lock files and folders by email address. - a5204a7ec7

No download required, just open a folder and select some files you want to protect. MyLocker will lock them. No need to install another app. We believe the primary purpose of a desktop app is to help you do something. Which is why I started this blog. With this product, you may unlock your data with just a password. The software will ask you to enter a password only when you want to open files. MyLocker brings simplicity, security and storage efficiency to your everyday life. What is the problem you want to solve? Protect your photos? Store your files safely without getting lost? Have you ever sent a sensitive file to someone and then forgot it? Maybe you've lost your device or want to protect your data in case of loss. Not able to remember your secret password? But, don't forget, MyLocker is a safe, secure, and free solution that offers, enough security to protect your sensitive files in a truly cloud-based manner. You just need to enter a password to unlock your files. After that, you can use any file manager to open them. Explore Our Product: How to use MyLocker? 2. Open a folder that contains files you want to lock. The software prompts you to enter a password when you want to open a file. Note: When you encrypt a file, the software adds a new hidden file to the encrypted folder. This file is used by the Windows file manager to unencrypt the file, as the Windows file manager automatically opens a folder when you double-click a file. 3. To unlock a file, enter the password. If you forget your password, you can easily remove the hidden file. Now you can open your files. Other features: The software can store files in different locations, and the selection can be changed using a file browser. If you enable the hidden attribute of files, the software automatically stores the hidden files with a random name in the encrypted folder. If you encrypt a folder, it will be stored into the encrypted folder. If you delete the folder, its content will be deleted. MyLocker can save keys of encrypted folders into multiple locations. You can choose the number of locations you want to use. MyLocker runs

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