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About me

I create one -off bespoke family and pet portraiture from my studio in Hampshire. Producing unique hand drawn portraits to commission. After studying at the University of Portsmouth, completing a degree in illustration at the age of 41 (your never too old to learn my lovely people!) and achieving a first class honours , I experimented with different kinds of art and made a determined effort to improve my drawing skills. Every time I visited my friend Suzy, her gorgeous cat ‘Bumble’ would come up on my lap looking for attention! She is such a pretty cat with stunning eyes, who could resist her little meows? One day she sat on the desk in front of me and struck the purrrfect pose (see what I did there?). I took a picture and had a go at drawing her. I posted 'Bumble's' picture on Face Book and a flurry of requests for pet portraits ensued. The rest as they say is history! It is such a pleasure to create unique and personal keepsakes for my clients and to connect with so many wonderful people.

About my work

As an artist, I put the subject and the viewers connection to them at the heart of every portrait. ​ I work closely with my clients to create an intimate account of their loved one. We talk about small nuances and mannerisms, so that I can gain an understanding of the subject’s personality and life. It’s important to me to learn of the subjects back story in order to make a connection to them and create a portrait with their unique and undeniable essence.

About the Art Materials When choosing materials to work with I am considering archival quality and environmentally friendly options wherever possible. The paper I use is extremely age resistant, highly renewable or responsibly sourced and acid free. The pastels I use are Caran D’ache and STABILO CarbOthello and I only choose the colours that have a high lightfastness rating. The portrait is sprayed periodically throughout the drawing process with Spectra Fix non-toxic, all natural, fixative as it is kinder to the environment and then given a couple of coats at the end with Loxley spray fixative to give it added protection from UV rays.

Sarah Starr
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