Sarah this is amazing and such a perfect image of Toffee , You have captured him exactly ! It was a gift for my mum's birthday. She is over the moon with her picture and has hung it pride of place on the wall of her living room. All her friends now want a portrait too! Thank you again.


Animals are so much more to us than a pet, they are loyal companions and part of the family and as such, make lovely subjects for a portrait. Your portrait will be thoughtfully created with their unique character and personality in mind to provide a lasting memory to cherish.


Portraits  can be commissioned as a monochrome pencil/charcoal drawing or coloured pastel. Examples of which can be viewed in the gallery below.

Commissioning a Pet Portrait

How to Commission Your Portrait

Example of a client photo

Email - and explain the type of portrait you would like to commission i.e head and shoulders (looks like a floating head), full body or multiple pets. Inform me of any specific deadlines such as a birthday. (I usually have a waiting list but will juggle my schedule if at all possible). Clear photos are the best to work from but they are not always possible if your pet has passed or if they are particularly fidgety! If you have a favourite photo, email it to me with your pets name and a bit about their personality, stating that it is your favourite. Also, send me several other photos of your pet to give me the opportunity add detail if it has been lost in your favourite photo. Sometimes it is possible to work a bit of magic in Photoshop.  Should you wish to take new photos of your pet, this handy   PHOTO GUIDE   will help you get the best photo of your cherished companion. It can take some time to get this right but it is worth a little toing and froing at this stage and it is all part of the process of creating a unique and lasting impression of your pet. I will offer advice and send mock ups to give you a clearer idea of the final composition. 

At this stage we will  discuss the options of size and type of portrait. The size will depend on the photos that have been agreed upon and the type of portrait you require i.e. head and shoulders, full body or multiple pets. You can view the sizes offered on the PRICES page. You will be sent an email confirming the details we have agreed upon, including a time scale and TERMS AND CONDITIONS for your approval. To place your order and secure your place in my client waiting list, sign and return the confirmation email and pay a £50 non-refundable deposit. Payments can be made via bank transfer or cheque (your place will be secured once the cheque/payment has cleared).

Example of composition mock up created in Photoshop


When the portrait has been completed, you will be sent a copy for approval by email with the option of making any adjustments and alterations as far as the artist is able, in line with the original portrait expectations agreed upon. Once any adjustments have been made and portrait has been approved, an invoice for balance will be sent via email. Full payment plus any shipping charges must be received before artworks are signed, carefully packaged and shipped.

Example of a finished portrait

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