About Me

I create beautiful family and pet portraiture from my studio in Hampshire. Producing hand drawn unique portraits to commission as well as self-directed work. After studying at the University of Portsmouth, completing a degree in illustration, I was experimenting with different kinds of art when I drew a picture of a cat named ‘Bumble’ and posted it on Face Book. A flurry of requests for pet portraits ensued and the rest as they say is history!


I find portraiture exciting because each portrait comes with new challenges which keep me on my toes and progress my practise. Fortunately, I have lots of patience as each portrait will take many hours to complete. Careful consideration is taken to ensure the placement of the features are correct and the lighting on the subject is captured to communicate the form (3Dness!) of the subject to the viewer. Next, all sorts off different texture is added from the glossy look in the eyes, to the smooth look of the skin, to the shine in the hair, to the different direction and length of the fur. These details are what bring the piece to life and create the likeness of the sitter from the photos provided.


Working closely with my clients to ensure all portraits are thoughtfully created to capture the subjects personality and provide a one-off bespoke interpretation of your loved one or beloved pet that you can cherish for years to come.

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